I am very pleased with my new kitchen. Jam Iksoulene exceeded my expectations in providing aesthetic and technical guidance and support. On my first visits to the Pyram showroom, he generously helped me design my kitchen cabinets and distribution of appliances.

I had visited other cabinet businesses with a specific request and lots of pictures, but couldn’t get what I was looking for. On entering the Pyram showroom, one of the kitchen cabinets displayed was exactly what I was searching for. Jam generously visited my apartment many times to get everything right, from measurements to technical coordination with sub-contractors to installation. His assistants also were highly professional.

Jam and his team worked very well with my contractor and subcontractors. His skillful communication helped to smooth out rough spots, which are inevitable, I quickly learned.

Maria M. San Francisco, CA  

My first review on Yelp because I truly feel they deserve the five stars. We didn’t even bother to check other kitchen cabinet companies before we decided on going with Pyram. Comparing the stuff in their showroom to what I see in other houses was all I need to make the decision. Even my husband who was on the frugal side didn’t object after visiting the show room himself.
Not only do they carry top quality items, their team also provided top notch service. Daniel and Jam are very responsive to all communications and will assist with most requests and problems. They are honest and responsible, I would definitely work with Pyram USA again in the future if given the chance. Keep up the excellent work!

Catherine H. San Mateo, CA  

I reached out to Daniel and Jam at Pyram Fine French Kitchens to assist me with my kitchen planning, and also some simpler ideas for bedroom storage and bath vanities.
When I met Daniel at the showroom, I was incredibly impressed by the outdoor space; Showplace East is a gem in San Francisco, housing many high end designers and various dealers. Walking through the building on my way to their loft space was the high point of my day. The gardens and interior space is truly inspiring, with lovely background music playing. Very relaxing in the context of making potentially large purchases.

The Pyram space itself is incredible; so many options of styles and materials. Many species and textures of natural and painted woods, leather cabinets for the bedroom are a must. And they have gorgeous concrete cabinets. What a rare treat made from real concrete, apparently individually hand made in France.

My favorite display, their aptly named ‘Forest Kitchen’, features the same stunning concrete, along with matte white cabinets (lacquer I think?) with the modern no-handle design I wanted – so clean and simple. The textural combination is perfect.

Although I’m still in the early phases of scheming, I’m so happy with my experience so far. Working with these designers has been easy and fun. They are knowledgeable and very patient, and not pushy at all.

If you are looking for something truly unique and modern (they have traditional models too, but traditional is not my style) and a wonderful service experience, I highly recommend Pyram.

Shira K. San Francisco, CA  

After much deliberation, I decided it was time to completely update and remodel my kitchen, so I planned some impromptu showroom visits through the SF Design District to start the process of bringing my dream kitchen ideas to a reality.

After disheartening experiences at more than one high end kitchen showroom in the area (businesses to remain unnamed because I’m too nice), I was so happy to have finally found Pyram. Daniel and Jam, the proprietors, both happened to be there when I stopped by (which is apparently not common) and I was greeted with smiles and a very welcoming atmosphere.

Even though their beautiful new space is apparently still under construction for the next month or so, the cabinets and material selections were in full view, and I must say, I was stunned. I can now see what the hype is about with European cabinets, there were designs and materials on display that I have never seen before, and the hardware is sleek and modern. You can tell a lot of creativity and thought went into the showroom space itself.

I mainly worked with Daniel, as Jam was attending to another client, and we started to take my favorite ideas and get them down on paper, actually, on computer. Daniel also had a number of very creative ideas for maximizing the space and overall function. The entire process ended up being painless and, dare I say, even fun! The final 3D renderings that Daniel made for me, showing multiple views and options, were the most helpful for picturing all of my options – and the drawings themselves were actually quite sleek and beautiful.

After one more visit to the showroom, and a number of phone and email correspondences later, I am happy to say, my kitchen design has been finalized, and my dream kitchen is coming to life! If you have kitchen dreams of your own, I highly recommend contacting Daniel and Jam at Pyram Kitchens. Their thoughtful and friendly approach to the somewhat daunting kitchen design process, along with the stunning cabinets themselves, made all the difference. My deliberations are done 🙂

Reshma V. Sausalito, CA

Jam and Dan were fantastic.  Their backgrounds in cabinet building, design, and as a General Contractor make them perfect for providing advice and design on custom cabinets.  They truly care about your project and spend countless hours in design making sure everything is perfect prior to production.  They even helped my fiancé and I understand what we wanted for trash pullouts,  magic corner, drawer sizes, and cabinets vs. drawers.  When it came to cabinet pulls they routed every drawer and cabinet to perfectly fit the pulls we chose.  They do not stop until everything is perfect.  Could not have asked for a better experience.  As far as price these guys are on par with the two other quotes we received and the extra work and advice they provide at no cost went beyond our expectations.

Eric K.San Francisco, CA

Daniel & Jam of Pyram were consummate professionals on our kitchen remodel project. As with any project, we had ran into different types of issues translating from original design to actual executions. The team was extremely responsive to questions, issues raised and providing guidance or resolutions as needed – big or small. Jam had actually caught a measurement miscalculation by our architect and was able to help resolve with a redesign of our island to our satisfaction. I would definitely work with Daniel and Jam again. I would also highly recommend having Jam design your cabinets or work with him very early on in your process. It will save you a lot of rework later on.

Chi C., San Francisco, CA

We worked with Jam and Daniel on our new kitchen and our experience has been amazing!
The quality of the cabinets from Pyram is incredible, the choice of materials / type of cabinets is huge.We designed the kitchen with Jam, we got plans and pictures of the future kitchen and now that it is real, it looks exactly as we planned it, even better!

No bad surprises: the whole team planned and included everything in their quote from the start.
Everything has been on track from the beginning. The prices were very reasonable compared to the competition.

This is the first time I feel so confident working with a contractor. I will definitely be calling them again for other projects. And I already started recommending them to my friends and family. Go with them, you won’t be disappointed!

Nathalie H., Mill Valley, CA

Jam and Daniel are the amazing owners of SF Custom Cabinets who transformed my ordinary kitchen into an aesthetic masterpiece. From every angle and perspective, design seamlessly blends with function. Jam designed kitchens for 5-star restaurants in Europe and SF, so there’s a guru-level, laser-like focus on detail, from lighting to color, from design to execution. The meticulous scrutiny of every element and the harmonious balance in the final execution really stands out and was flawlessly executed. Due to the tight and limited space of my kitchen, they outfitted the pantry and drawers with space-saving and useful features, for example, pull out pantry shelves on rollers, pull out spice racks, double drawers within drawers, and a handy pull out rack to dry towels. The Pyram cabinets are imported from France and no one does it like the French, combining durability with aesthetic appeal. The various lighting elements were configured in manner as to showcase a painting or museum piece. The effect is to bring joy and aesthetic appreciation when using and viewing the kitchen. For major renovations in the past, communication with contractors, costs overrun and missing timelines had always been major problems. However, it was easy to do business with Daniel and Jam and communication was smooth and uncomplicated. Expectations were set at the beginning, design changes were easily facilitated, client review and approvals were communicated clearly at each phase of the installation. The total installation from design to completion, which took approximately 2-months, was the smoothest renovation ever. I am extremely satisfied and I would like highly recommend SF Custom Cabinets.

Khaled M., San Francisco, CA